Condugo's pilot project

In 2020, Condugo submitted a project proposal to the European Commission. After a very strict selection process, the proposal was awarded a Seal of Excellence for its innovative and socially relevant character. VLAIO decided to respond to this and to grant support for two years.

With the pilot project, Condugo wants to enable (petro) chemical companies to meet the climate and energy targets in a lasting, convincing and economically responsible manner. Our novel energy flow modelling techniques bring 100% transparency in the process chain, leading to substantial benefits for all levels of the organization – from process engineers to financial controllers and top management.

The partnership with an innovative company like Borealis is a first important step. We want to build on it, but our ambitions go further. Hence, we are are looking for additional (petro)chemical companies to participate in the project and make their sites available for development and testing.

Get in touch if you want to participate